Home Offices, Libraries, Craft rooms, Games rooms

When we design your home offices, libraries and craft rooms we can utilise spaces in your home that currently have no function like under stair spaces andawkward landing spaces.

These funny little nooks in your home can easily be transformed into useful places, without using up room space you perhaps don't want to give up, bookcases, home offices and craft rooms can be designed to perfectly fit into anywhere you choose.  We have lots ideas to make these spaces useful again. 

Alternatively if you have a room you'd like to change the use of and utilise a whole room we can do this for you too.  We can transform it into anything you'd like, with a whole host of storage solutions for offices, games rooms, craft rooms and libraries.  Built in office spaces or free standing writing desk, matching his and hers desks like queen Victoria and Price Albert, we really can design the room into anything you want let your imagination run wild and we'll do our best to design exactly what you've always dreamed that spare room could be!

As always with our service we will supply drawings for you approval before manufacture commences, you can tweak our designs during the design process to make it truly what you want.

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